PGS Private Office

PGS Private Office updates the concept of the individual private office with a multi-Member platform served by a world-class team of in-house professional advisers who work in tandem with our network of trusted partners.

The Private Office’s mission is the protection and promotion of our clients’ interests whether personal or commercial.  We work closely with clients on a vast array of projects, requests, and mandates.  Our work is characterised by its precision and our approach by its professionalism.

We work closely with our clients to define their corporate vision and achieve their  strategic objectives.  PGS Private Office has a unique and proven expertise representing individuals and companies in the boardroom.  Our experienced team knows best how to take existing, as well as new, business propositions and present them credibly and clearly.

Concierge & lifestyle support
Special asset purchases
Administrative assistance
Legal assistance and referrals
Business development
Advice and corporate representation
Consular assistance
Security and private profile services

PGS Private Office recognises that clients appreciate assistance sourcing rare or hard-to-find items, reservations and access.  We ensure that client expectations are met, and our Lifestyle Team applies the same professional standards to these requests as we do to complex projects.  Our relationships with the suppliers in our network are key, and we extend to them the courtesy and support that we expect them to show our clients. We have special relationships with London’s leading department stores, and are able to arrange VVIP shopping experiences and discounts for our clients.

We are expert at helping our clients to source rare or complex assets including planes, yachts, watches, rare jewellery, antiquities fine art and super- and vintage cars.  PGS Private Office’s team works tirelessly to ensure that our clients secure the items they want at the best price.

We assist clients with a wide range of administrative needs, including recruitment, payroll, tax refunds, insurance requirements (including medical, employers’ liability, buildings and contents), contract reviews, diary management and document storage, and professional referrals.

PGS is able to assist in all aspects of business research and planning, utilising both our in-house researchers and professional network.  Where clients opt to share and receive information, commercial opportunities and insights are shared within our internal client network.

Upon request, we are available to represent or accompany clients in commercial discussions and negotations. Clients often use us to realise a commercial vision and achieve their strategic objectives in the early stages of dealmaking.  We are able to remove early-stage friction points, limit unnecessary exposure and maximize time efficiency for all parties.  PGS Private Office has a unique and proven expertise representing and advising its clients in international boardrooms.  Our experienced team knows best how to take existing, as well as new, business propositions and present them credibly and clearly.

We are experienced at working with embassies and consulates to ensure the smooth delivery of logistical services, security, visa processing and clearances, protocol briefings and continengy planning.

Our clients’ safety, privacy and reputations are as important to us as they are to them.  We work closely with clients’ existing teams to ensure world-wide security and confidentiality.  We work with industry leaders in close protection, residential and cyber security.